Frank Gilson, DC

Frank Gilson, DC


Chiropractor in Brockton, MA


While driving a UPS truck for several years in Washington D.C., I developed severe back pain.  I was unable to continue playing sports, and work was difficult. I was in constant pain.  My Doctor recommended seeing a chiropractor. I did and he relieved the pain and I got my life back!

That is when I decided to become a chiropractor. I wanted to help others who felt pain like me, also get their life back. I enrolled in Life Chiropractic College West located in Haywood, California.  Upon graduating from Life West in 1998, I began working in a private practice located in San Francisco’s Mission District.  In 2005 I achieved my dream of opening up my own pain relief center. I not only look at your symptoms, but what is causing them.

After 20 years on the West coast I have moved back East to be with my family.

I am a lifelong athlete which included; triathlons, basketball, football, rugby, baseball, swimming, and track. During this time I worked as a practicing chiropractor for 20 plus years so I am naturally experienced in treating athletic injuries such as those to the ankle and shoulder, as well as having experienced quite a few myself over the years.:)

I am excited to be part of the Milton Chiropractic team.

Let my experience help you get your life back too